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Cold Dye Hooded Cardigan Cold Dye Hooded Cardigan
-20 %
Vintage look! The Cold Dye Hooded Cardigan from URBAN CLASSICS convinces with many details: the twisted, opened sleeve lines, the opened dividing seam in the back part and the big pockets. The casual look is completed with the vintage optic...
31,92€ 39,90€
Bez DPH:26,60€
High Neck Sweat Zip Cardigan
-20 %
With its high stand-up collar and comfortable cotton blend, this cardigan is perfect for any occasion. The matching zipper and ribbed waist band ensure an optimal fit. A simple jacket that is perfect for customizing by screen or flex printing, embroidery or patches...
27,84€ 34,80€
Bez DPH:23,20€
Long Hooded Open Edge Cardigan Long Hooded Open Edge Cardigan
--0 %
The asymetric cutted front is the eyecatcher of the Long Hooded Open Edge Cardigan from URBAN CLASSICS. The cardigan gives a casual look with its long sleeves and hood. Further details are the pockets and open edges...
39,92€ 39,90€
Bez DPH:33,27€
Sweat Parka Sweat Parka
-20 %
The classic sweat parka from URBAN CLASSICS combines lightness with warmth thanks to its comfortable fleece fabric. The visual highlights such as the hood, the zippers on the sleeves and the rounded hem with drawcord at the back make it a must-have in the wardrobe...
47,04€ 58,80€
Bez DPH:39,20€
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