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Ladies 3-Tone Tape Leggins Ladies 3-Tone Tape Leggins
-20 %
The Ladies 3-Tone Tape Leggings provides shape from the patch contrast stripes on the side. Add the high-quality interlock fabric and wide elastic cuffs, and you’ve got a sporty appearance and guaranteed comfort...
15,92€ 19,90€
Bez DPH:13,27€
Ladies Active Graphic Leggings Ladies Active Graphic Leggings
-20 %
Graphic print leggings are all the rage: the Ladies Active Graphic Leggings don’t only have a stylish print design, they also offer tried-and-tested smooth comfort – perfect for your workout or as a complement to a plain top for an everyday outfit...
15,20€ 19,00€
Bez DPH:12,67€
Ladies Active Melange Logo Leggings Ladies Active Melange Logo Leggings
-20 %
You can never have enough leggings. The Ladies Active Melange Logo Leggings offer not only the comfort of classic leggings, they also look great with their smooth, supple, elasticated fabric with a melange look and the sporty logo waistband. Whether in combination with a matching sports bra, or with..
15,92€ 19,90€
Bez DPH:13,27€
Ladies Biker Batik Leggings Ladies Biker Batik Leggings
-8 %
The Ladies Biker Batik Leggings are a hit when it comes to comfort and lovely details. In addition to the biker elements above the knee, the funky batik wash – different with every pair – is what gives the leggings their individual look...
18,32€ 19,90€
Bez DPH:15,27€
Ladies Camo Leggings Ladies Camo Leggings
-4 %
The Ladies Camo Leggings from URBAN CLASSICS convinces with a camouflage pattern, which upgrades every outfit. The elastic waistband and the soft fabric ensure a high wearing comfort...
14,32€ 14,90€
Bez DPH:11,93€
Ladies Camo Stripe Leggings Ladies Camo Stripe Leggings
-4 %
Camouflage patterns are there to make things and people invisible. The Ladies Camo Stripe Leggings from URBAN CLASSICS do the opposite. They’re an eye-catcher and will make you look anything but invisible. The polyester mix fabric is durable, easy to clean and makes these leggings super comfortable ..
14,32€ 14,90€
Bez DPH:11,93€
Ladies Camo Tech Mesh Leggings
--0 %
Sexy women’s pants that offer unusual style and a smooth fit. The tech leggings for confident ladies show a solid all-over camo pattern. The look is further enhanced by sophisticated mesh inserts at the level of thighs and knees. Naturally, thanks to the employed stretch jersey material, the legging..
19,92€ 19,90€
Bez DPH:16,60€
Ladies Cutted Knee Leggings
-20 %
The fashionable Ladies Cutted Knee Leggings from URBAN CLASSICS has an unique washing and cuttings at the knee. The elastic waistband and the soft fabric guarantee a comfortable wearing...
15,36€ 19,20€
Bez DPH:12,80€
Ladies Denim Jersey Leggings Ladies Denim Jersey Leggings
-20 %
The elastic material and the stretch waistband guarantee a comfortable fit. The denim wash and the biker element at the knee make these leggings a must-have...
18,24€ 22,80€
Bez DPH:15,20€
Ladies Eyelet Leggings Ladies Eyelet Leggings
-6 %
Leggings with a wow effect – the slightly thicker stretch jersey fabric of these leggings is studded with different sized metal eyelets with a high-gloss look on the lower leg. An elastic waistband and elastic ankle cuffs ensure the comfort you expect...
27,20€ 29,00€
Bez DPH:22,67€
Ladies Imitation Suede Leggings Ladies Imitation Suede Leggings
-20 %
Suede chic! The Ladies Imitation Suede Leggings from URBAN CLASSICS in elastic material fits perfectly and the soft waistband ensures a high wearing comfort...
14,32€ 17,90€
Bez DPH:11,93€
Ladies Jacquard Camo Striped Leggings Ladies Jacquard Camo Striped Leggings
-7 %
These leggings do not only offer the expected comfort factor, but also a chic detail – a jacquard stripe with a camouflage pattern has been inserted in the side seam. An elastic waistband and elastic cuffs at the ankles ensure a perfect fit...
17,60€ 19,00€
Bez DPH:14,67€
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