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Ladies Cold Dye Short Jumpsuit Ladies Cold Dye Short Jumpsuit
-20 %
Here comes the trendy jumpsuit in a classy summer version: the Ladies Cold Dye Short Jumpsuit with short legs, narrow straps and an elastic drawstring at the waist is airy and comfortable. The special coloring gives the soft jersey material a unique appearance...
19,92€ 24,90€
Bez DPH:16,60€
Ladies Cold Shoulder Terry Jumpsuit Ladies Cold Shoulder Terry Jumpsuit
-20 %
This is one for those who don’t like to be tied to one look – thanks to the elastic neckline, this jumpsuit can be styled to your individual taste. Off-shoulder, on one shoulder or with a normal neckline – it adapts perfectly to all spontaneous styling ideas. The cuddly fabric, elastic cuffs and the..
31,20€ 39,00€
Bez DPH:26,00€
Ladies Dungaree Ladies Dungaree
-20 %
What do you think of, when you hear the word „dungarees“? Far too wide pants from back in the 70s? The Ladies Dungarees from URBAN CLASSICS are completely different. Their loose fit cut looks awesome and is the opposite of what you’d expect. Still, the pants have all the characteristics you relate w..
39,92€ 49,90€
Bez DPH:33,27€
Ladies Long Sleeve Terry Jumpsuit Ladies Long Sleeve Terry Jumpsuit
-20 %
A brilliant idea; the Ladies Long Sleeve Terry Jumpsuit combines the trendy jumpsuit - or onesie - with the immortal jogging suit. The result is a comfortable and very feminine item that is wonderfully casual to boot. Open edges at the neckline and a ring zipper at the neck add more stylish details...
31,92€ 39,90€
Bez DPH:26,60€
Ladies Melange Hot Jumpsuit Ladies Melange Hot Jumpsuit
-20 %
Super comfy and super sexy - can this go together? It can! The Ladies Melange Hot Jumpsuit from URBAN CLASSCIS is a cozy, short one-piece suit that combines the look of a tanktop and a hotpants. You can wear the jumpsuit comfortably at home, but also as a lascivious outfit when going out downtown...
19,92€ 24,90€
Bez DPH:16,60€
Ladies Melange Jumpsuit Ladies Melange Jumpsuit
--4 %
The Ladies Melange Jumpsuit from URBAN CLASSICS builds a bridge between a comfy leisure outfit and an elegant nightlife style. It combines a tanktop with a nicely cut back part and a form fitting and comfortable pants. A clever detail: the drawstring makes the jumpsuit look like it wasn’t a one-piec..
23,92€ 22,90€
Bez DPH:19,93€
Ladies Short Longsleeve Overall Ladies Short Longsleeve Overall
-20 %
With its short legs, lightweight fabric and off-shoulder neckline, this onesie does not only look good, it is also wonderfully airy to wear. Pants and shirt are connected with an elastic cord and the sleeves are gathered with elasticated cuffs...
23,20€ 29,00€
Bez DPH:19,33€
Ladies Short Spaghetti Jumpsuit Ladies Short Spaghetti Jumpsuit
--0 %
With this Ladies Short Spaghetti Jumpsuit from URBAN CLASSICS, you are well dressed for the beach or the city - because it´s simply hot. The crossed narrow spaghetti straps in the back underline the feminine style. The elastic in the hip ensure a good fit and the soft stretch jersey fabric for a hi..
15,92€ 15,90€
Bez DPH:13,27€
Ladies Sweat Jumpsuit Ladies Sweat Jumpsuit
--18 %
It couldn't be more comfortable. The Sweat-Jumpsuit is a comfortable, casual one piece suit with colour contrasting zippers and kangaroopockets...
47,04€ 39,90€
Bez DPH:39,20€
Ladies Tech Mesh Jumpsuit Ladies Tech Mesh Jumpsuit
-20 %
There are plenty of attractive details on the Ladies Tech Mesh Jumpsuit in the form of cool, asymmetrical inserts made of fine tech mesh at the waist, on the calves and at the ankles. The slender, double crossed straps on the back round off the feminine look...
23,20€ 29,00€
Bez DPH:19,33€
Ladies Tech Mesh Long Jumpsuit Ladies Tech Mesh Long Jumpsuit
-7 %
You are looking for a piece for your wardrobe, which you can combine again and again - whether sporty or sexy and chic? Only the right shoes and accessories rule your personal style. The Ladies Tech Mesh Long Jumpsuit from Urban Classics fits perfectly and has the tight cut. The Onepiece will be one..
27,92€ 29,90€
Bez DPH:23,27€
Ladies Viscose Bandeau Jumpsuit Ladies Viscose Bandeau Jumpsuit
-20 %
Summer season without a jumpsuit? Unimaginable – especially when it is as relaxed and stylish as the Ladies Viscose Bandeau Jumpsuit. Elastic bands at the top and at the waist ensure a perfect fit and ensure light, beautiful wearing comfort...
23,92€ 29,90€
Bez DPH:19,93€
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